Supply & Advise: Miami’s go-to men’s style shop



The two biggest issues for guys who want to dress well are time and a go-to men’s clothing store.

Let’s face it, the majority of men hate going to the mall to shop around all day, and even if they did enjoy it, there really is no clear, practical men’s style shop. Until now.

Supply & Advise was opened in 2013 as the solution for the lack of men’s clothing options in Miami, Fl.

“The idea behind S&A was to fill a void,” said Kevin Beltran, a senior employee at S&A. “It was made for men who are tired of having to order three or four different sizes of clothing from online retailers.”

The first time I walked into the store, I thought I had stepped into Steve McQueen’s closet, thanks to the classic movie posters, like the one of the 1966 film, “The Sand Pebbles.” All of the tough, testosterone-evoking pieces of clothing and accessories helped as well. It’s like going inside of a men’s style batcave.

While S&A offers many brands that are “Made in America,” the store focusses on offering the best products for men, no matter where they are from, Beltran said.

The rugged, gentlemen’s store is inspired by vintage military looks and practical work gear, while simultaneously offering suave suits and ties. It offers brands such as the American shirt maker, Gitman Vintage, the California grooming brand,Baxter of California, the sneaker company, New Balance, and the jean company, Levi’s, to name a few.

My favorite aspect of the store is that they deal in the classics, not the current trends or fads of men’s fashion. The items they offer, such as their assortment of Alden shoes or the classic Randolph Engineering sunglasses, will never go out of style, and they will last the buyer a lifetime. It is staples like those that make the store a jewel in in the ruff that is the men’s style scene of Miami.

S&A is a bit on the pricey side for all of us up-and-coming professionals, but I wanted to highlight is as a goal to strive for. It embraces the principles that I think are important for young man to have when thinking of dressing well, which are embrace the classics and less is more.

“Assemble your core armory- your white oxford shirt, your white dress shirts and your blur dress shirt- and then go with the fun stuff around those,” Beltran said.



For a better look at the products and services S&A offers, check out their website, and take a look at the article that GQ featured them in last November.



The Suits of Batman v. Superman

I recently saw the much anticipated “Batman v. Superman” film, and I only have good things to say about it. However, I will save my full movie review for another time. One of the main things that did catch my eye, other than the awesome story, were the suits the characters wore on screen, and I am not talking about their superhero costumes.

Every time Ben Affleck graced the screen as Bruce Wayne, he was impeccably tailored in some beautiful ensemble of men’s clothing. Similarly, Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent was always the quintessential,  “intrepid reporter,” when he was on screen, which is something I noticed back in “Man of Steel.”



After doing some research, I found out that the costume designer, Michael Wilkinson, had a hard time dressing the two main stars in civilian clothes thanks to their body’s constantly changing, according to a article.

Their weight fluctuations made buying off the rack extremely difficult, according to the article.

The obvious solution was custom tailoring. For Affleck, Gucci custom-designed his entire character’s billionaire, playboy look, and for Cavill, the in-house costume design team created his mobile reporter outfits, according to the article.

If Gucci was custom-designing my entire wardrobe, I am not sure if I would cry or laugh of pure joy. Nevertheless, you better believe I would be wearing a suit to class every day like my man Anthony Williams does, which if you have not read about, you should read my first blog post, “Dress for Success.”

If you would like to read more about the costume design for the movie, check out the link for the full article at