Dress for Success


Getting to class on time in the morning  is hard enough when we only have to deal with brushing our teeth and slipping on some comfortable workout clothes. Imagine waking up earlier, so that a proper grooming and dress routine could be done.

For Anthony Williams, it is a no brainer. Williams said coming to class in sweats and sneakers, while easier and less time consuming, only makes him feel detached and sluggish.

Williams, a junior journalism major at the University of Florida, comes to class everyday wearing a suit, or a variation of one. There are some days when he comes in a sports coat and chinos, and other days when he comes dressed in a complete suit. Overall, no matter what variation he chooses,  he is always looking sharp and accompanied by his trusted brief case. Williams says the act of dressing up every day keeps his mind sharp and his mood positive and engaged.

“I feel more alive,” Williams said.

Williams said he sees school as his current job, and he has decided to dress the part of a working man. That means putting on a crisp dress shirt and tie every morning and taking the day head on.

“You never know who you are going to see,” Williams said.

Williams said he encourages all his friends to get dressed up, and he even offers to lend them some of his older blazers that no longer fit.

When I met with Anthony, he had on a well tailored khaki blazer, white dress shirt, green bowtie, blue slacks, and caramel colored shoes. A very nice ensemble, and I enjoyed the fact that he inverted a classic look. Usually, many guys will wear a blue blazer with khaki pants, but Williams turned that around, and it worked out nicely for him.

Williams is a true inspiration to the millennial guy. It takes discipline and resolve to follow such a tedious routine this early in life, and I commend him for it. He certainly inspired me to get dressed up more often.

For more on Anthony, check out his blog at







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